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  • Re: Collapse Bookmarks in sidebar please

    a) remove the triangle - it serves no purpose - it just takes up a lot of space (need to change so clicking on the description or folder opens with one click)

    b) when r-click a bookmark add option to "Change to current" - this is very useful if just used the bookmark but the URL no longer leads to a page and perhaps have to chop back the URL to the previous forward slash for example (note a previous request from me to add an Up Arrow which chops back when hit ... then just need to Change to Current ...)

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    The first feature is already on the list in the Feature Requests thread. The latter, I believe, is not there yet, so you might consider adding it there instead, as it's a very good idea. While I'm not sure whether the Vivaldi devs have enough time to read each and every thread on the forums, I believe they pay close attention to the Feature Requests threads, as they keep delivering many of those features with new Snapshot updates... 😉


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