Vivaldi always asks to save passwords even if password saving is disabled

  • New version 1.8.770.9 always asks for saving passwords, even if I have password saving disabled in settings.

    I tried re-enabling and disabling again, but nothing changed.


  • @dLeon thank you very much!
    Hope Vivaldi developers will fix it soon BTW.

  • I have the opposite problem: my password is not remembered! I do not get any dialog asking me to save the password even though it is enabled in options. Somehow it only happens on one corporate site... 😞

  • @Zodius Nvm... the problem is gone... may be after I have used Always Remember Password bookmarklet here:

  • @Zodius
    Chromium original password detection~save pretty weak. Sometime it actually miss.
    One example on my case, it didn't even ask to remember password for settings. For that site, the case probably because it doesn't have "Name" field.

    There's a workaround for it, although I consider a bit nasty for casual user.

    1. Enable chrome://flags/#password-import-export
    2. Restart Vivaldi.
    3. When you visit vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords, there will be 2 new buttons.
    4. Use Export. It will out as CSV format.
    5. Study & edit the file. Believe it or not, we don't even need to fill "username" field.
    6. Import the file again after you done.

    All of those work in any Chromium based browser. Except the address of course.

    Example of that CSV file:


    Well duuhh, I change the password. 😁


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