Themes change since yesterday for some reason.

  • I created my own dark theme and everything was fine for months now, but cinse yesterday i cant keep it dark, when i close the browser it goes to first Light theme, now, last time it went to Blueprint.

    What's going on?

  • @METALHUSKY said in Themes change since yesterday for some reason.:

    Since yesterday I can't keep it dark

    Did you enable Theme scheduling? Is it daytime or nightime where you are?

  • No i didn't and it changes no matter what time it is and sometimes not even while closing and opening Vivaldi, but while browsing it would just randomly change the theme.

    Fuck, i just went and checked, it was enabled, when the fuck did i do it!?
    I wasn't in the settings for ages.

    Ok, whatever, this thread can be ignored now. Thanks Pesala!

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