After Update: Google Hangouts app confusions

  • After the latest Update I have issues with the hangouts app.
    The app opens the normal app window, but doesn't show anything in it.

    Instead it opens another browser instance with the url: chrome-extension://nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd/mainapp.html?uv_main_window

    There is the hangouts app displayd.
    The problem: If I close the Hangouts app window (empty one) all three windows close and vivaldi is shut down.

    If I close the second browser instance: same happens.
    If I close only the hangouts tab: same issue.

    Hangouts is not usable this way and it is a big pain in the neck.


  • Agreed. I'm experiencing the same problems.

    I'll add something more: when I try to disable or remove the older Hangouts extension (of which I have two versions in the list), Vivaldi restarts.

    Very strange and very annoying, too.

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