Add an ability to reorder the Tabs

  • Hi,
    In Google Chrome, I use an extension (Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs - to reorder the tabs using "ctrl+shift+pgup" or "ctrl+shift+pgdown". i.e. I can move the 3rd opened tab to 6th position and 7th opened tab to 5th position. Something like moving the tabs in a way the user wants to arrange in a particular order. As Vivaldi is creating a huge difference in terms of innovations, I hope this feature will add value to Vivaldi. If this feature is built in, then I don't need to use any third party extension.

    Note: I can achieve this using mouse by manually moving it to the order I want, but I actually want to use "Keyboard Shortcut" for this feature.

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    @Baskar - I wonder why this would be easier than simply dragging the tab to where you want it. That's certainly what I do. Takes less than a second.

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    @Baskar said in Add an ability to reorder the Tabs:

    I actually want to use "Keyboard Shortcut" for this feature.

    Yes, keyboard shortcuts are more efficient that using the mouse. I am sure I have seen this request before; it may already be in the Feature Requests thread.

  • @Ayespy - Hi, I understand that it takes only less than a second when using a mouse. If this is the case, why would users look for an extension that enables this feature using keyboard shortcuts.

    I just said about this feature is because vivaldi is making a lot of customizations for the web users. So, I thought I will give you this feedback to make vivaldi a better and distinguishable browser among others. It is fine if you don't want to implement. I will use the same third party extension. But, I hope that this is not really that difficult for vivaldi to implement this feature. The keyboard shortcut is very useful when I open 50+ tabs for my work. i.e, when I open 50+ tabs, the tab size becomes smaller and it is difficult to use a mouse to move the tabs as there is a chance of clicking the close button while moving the tab using mouse. I hope, now you understand the end user problem.

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    @Baskar: So that you know - I have no say in the implementation of features. The developers surprise me daily, just like they do everyone else. I am a volunteer moderator who does not work for Vivaldi - though I am also a "Soprano" and get to test their daily changes and chat with them back stage. Because we have direct conversations, perhaps my complaints are heard more clearly than some, but I have "wants" that are over two years old with no response, while other users get their wishes fulfilled in weeks. 🙂

    I'm not keyboard-centric, (in fact if something is not in line with my touch-typing habits developed over the last 50 years, I'm uncomfortable with it) but I have sympathy for users who are.

    You're right - Vivaldi is being aimed at both your market, and mine.


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