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    I've been off this site for about a year according to my forum profile, but I recently came back after someone posted about the Vivaldi webmail on Reddit. I've been looking for a decent alternative to gmail, and Vivaldi's webmail could easily be that alternative.

    I discovered that my community profile 404s while I was looking for a way to change the email address associated with this account, as I'm fairly positive I changed it once before quite a long time ago. I see the forum software has changed since the last time I was active here, but the user blogs still exist, and my profile there seems to 404. I think I may have deleted my account ages ago, as I didn't think I'd ever need to use it again, and that might be the reason why my community page 404s. But then, I wonder, how is it possible I'm still able to sign in? Is the forum separate from the user blogs? Or am I remembering incorrectly and never actually did delete my account? If I were to delete my account, would the username "Tiamarth" become available again?

  • That's indeed strange, no idea why your profile page 404s. On the other hand you have a profile on the new forums

    and the old community pages will likely be phased out/replaced anyway in the future.

  • In that case my only remaining concern is about changing my email address associated with this account. It's currently using an address I stopped using around the same time I went inactive here on the forums. It can't be changed from the profile settings.

    Per a recommendation from Ayespy in another thread from another user having the same problem, I sent a private message to gaelle and she replied to me and let me know that she told a dev about it.

    I just let one of our developer know so that he'll update it asap. I'll get back to you once done.

    But that was 2 days ago and my email has not been updated. I might just be being impatient, and that developer might just be busy with something more important, but it would be useful for me to have my email address updated to reflect the address I currently use. I assume that the associated email with Vivaldi accounts is used for notifications and for account authorization in the event a user forgets their password, but I'm not likely to forget my login information, so, is there any reason I should care about not being able to update my email address here beyond obvious potential security concerns? Will the new forum software eventually be updated so that users will be able to manually change their associated email address?

  • I would hope so, because email providers come and go. If they don't want to change the email address of affected users manually each time, they will have to implement it. And I would give it a week or so for the manual email change, then contact someone again if it didn't happen till then. After the recent cloudbleed issue some users actually needed their recovery address to access the forums, so it's preferable to have one.

  • Welcome back Tiamarth ! hello. nice to see You. You have done a bit of quick work with changing your avatar. settled on one yet? While I am still familiarizing with even the not so recent changes I am finding new results from a click all the time; not fun to hear from luetage that some of the things found anew may disappear in the future. [fun beta.] But it sure is good to hear from You, Tiamarth.

  • Hi there, i_ri, I'm glad to be back as well.

    You have done a bit of quick work with changing your avatar. settled on one yet?

    Ahha, sorry about that. I had noticed an issue with Nemo dialogs opening files in one click instead of on double clicks like I have it set to do. So I decided to see if it was reproducible in every program that can open a Nemo dialog and the most convenient place for me to do that with Vivaldi and Firefox was here, since I had the tab open. I'll probably change my avatar back to the one I was using before this lovely bird as that avatar has become my standard on various sites. But I'll probably wait until this issue with email has been resolved before I bother with that.

  • I'm still having the issues discussed in this thread. My profile still 404s, I still can't manually change my email address, and my email address is still not the current address I'd like to use. I imagine if I'm still having them that other people must still be having one or more of these issues as well; is there any news about when we'll be able to manually change our email addresses, and is there anything that can be done about my mysterious missing profile?

    I messaged @gaelle about this again a couple of days ago but have not yet received a response. If it helps any moderators or staff who might be reading this, here's what I said in that message:

    Hi, I don't mean to be a bother but it's been 3 months and my email is still set to my old address instead of my current address, and it's still impossible to change manually from account settings.
    Also, my profile in the Vivaldi community at 404s, which I find very strange: I posted on the forums about this issue but the most helpful answer I received was a speculative prediction from another user that the userblogs will eventually be removed or replaced.

  • This post is deleted!

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