Unlearning Autofill in Address Bar

  • In versions of Vivaldi prior to I believe… 1 dev-branch version ago (currently on 1.8.770.9 (Official Build) (64-bit)), the address bar would "learn" after a few visits what sites should be prioritized in its autocomplete. This meant that, after a few visits, I could hit CMD+L -> F -> enter and end up at, say, FaceBook.

    In the past, updates have "forgotten" the data gathered this way, but the browser has always quickly relearned. Now, no matter what, it refuses to learn. No matter how often I visit FaceBook, foxtrot.com is always what's chosen when I type an F in the address bar. For some sites, it prefers things that I haven't visited in years- for example, if I type sto, it favors stocksnap.io, a site I visit once in a blue moon over store.steampowered.com, something I visit regularly.

  • If you are willing to invest a little time I would suggest using Quicksilver to open bookmarks instead of the address bar. It's far more reliable and convenient.

    Since Quicksilver has no Vivaldi module, you have to export your bookmarks to html and make a custom catalog entry for them. From this point on it works flawlessly and you will never want to do it any other way.

  • That would mean ensuring that everything is in my bookmarks, though- the goal here is for it to learn from my history. I don't have, say, http://reddit.com/r/all in my bookmarks, but I visit it regularly. I should just be able to CMD+L -> r -> enter and it should open.

    Bookmarks, in my opinion, are best for sites I don't visit on the regular (because I need the link saved). Things I visit often should just be in my history and come up quick with a few keystrokes.

  • I see what you mean, and I hope this issue will be fixed for you.

    To me it makes sense to bookmarks sites I visit often, because I can open and access them in the matter of half a second even if Vivaldi isn't open prior. Sites I don't visit often are bookmarked too, if I don't remember the shortcut I just search them in the bookmark panel. But yeah, whatever works best for you.

  • This is driving me crazy as well, since I also only bookmark things I rarely visit but need to remember, and expect the URL autofill to learn my habits as is common across other browsers (heck, even IE does that). This could be a dealbreaker with Vivaldi, especially as the function to delete things from the autofill doesn't always work as advertised: for example, when I typed in "n", I was getting the site for the nba, which I would never visit. I was eventually able to delete it. However, when I type in "m", it always always brings up the site for the mlb--another site I will never visit--but it will not allow me to delete it from the list, no matter what I do, nor will it learn that the only site I visit from typing the letter "m" is a mail site.

  • @dsrtrosy I already replied for this matter here
    learn to look at your settings before complaining Vivaldi can't be customized.


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