Search feature request

  • Hi,
    Vivaldi getting more and more my attention recently, especially when new history panel and page created. Since I am considering Vivaldi as my new default browser, I hope to involve a little in making it better (of course to suite my using first, but I hope it to suite other people, too)
    This is some of my suggest regarding searching:

    • add search engine icon at the bottom of url-field and search-field drop down list like opera 4x and fire fox. When click in these buttons, search using that engine will be performed but default engine will not change (key words is nice and may be even faster, but buttons may be more intuitive)
    • context search have option to be opened in background tabs, perhaps using middle mouse or an option in settings.

  • Moderator

    Please add each feature request to
    Only a short description, no discussion in Feature Request thread please.


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