Vivaldi Mail loads slowly

  • I have opened Vivaldi Mail 5 times and between each time I ran CCleaner.
    The Fully Loaded Times were measured with a stopwatch.
    These are the results:

    70s - 54s - 64s - 82s - 114s

    This is an average Fully Loaded Time of 77 seconds.
    Will this be improved in the future?

  • How many pages of mail do you have in your Inbox?

    I have 3 pages, and it loads in about 3 seconds.

  • @Pesala

    I only have 7 short emails.
    Now it loads in 7 seconds.
    Maybe my VPN is the problem, all internet traffic varies a lot here.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    No slowndowns here either. Loads as it should in a couple of seconds.
    VPN's really can get your internet speed down a lot, you better disable it or try to use a different server/location in your VPN settings for better speed.

  • @kev216

    I just installed a new version of Windows 10. (not because of this).
    This time I disabled VPN.
    Same problem - very slow loading of Vivaldi Mail and also Vivaldi Forum.
    I will check it more tomorrow, after all software has been installed.

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