YouTube problems after upgrading my GPU

  • I recently upgraded from my old GTX 770 to a GTX 1080, which included a full wipe of all display drivers and reinstall. Shortly after I noticed that YouTube was causing problems. The video stops while the sound keeps playing, the browser becomes unresponsive, and after a while the window(s) goes black for a moment and then comes back. This happens if I just leave a video playing, but especially if I skip around on the timeline, start and stop the video, etc.

    Never had such issues before, and other browsers have so far been unaffected (including Chrome, Edge and Firefox).

  • Have you tried to turn off hardware acceleration?
    Go to:

    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardw
    • untick the box "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    • restart Vivaldi

  • Was actually looking for that before and couldn't remember where it was, thanks. Initially at least that seems to fix it (I'll make sure over time), but I've gotta say it's weird that Vivaldi is the only browser to suffer from this after the update.


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