Tab handling (again)

  • I'm sorry, but the fact that the browser keeps shifting tabs when I try to write in a text field makes it absolutely useless at the moment. I've change all keyboard shortcuts to require Ctrl+Shift+Alt, and still it changes in unwanted ways. Even more annoying is that this happens in an instant, but when I press Ctrl+T it takes over a second to produce a new tab. (Before I changed that keyboard shortcut, that is.) Please make a major announcement when stuff works.

  • I get this problem too. It doesn't happen in every edit field, but if I am writing an email in hotmail and press a 0 or a 1 then something unexpected will happen. 0 changes the zoom and 1 switches tab. I wish it wouldn't.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Please download the latest snapshot and this problem should be gone. Let us know if that does not help.


  • Works for me now thanks, in version


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