Vivaldi causing a segfault? [Debian Jessie]

  • I'm using Vivaldi version 1.7.735.46 on Debian Jessie (can't remember when I updated to it), and I've had two segfaults today, with the display freezing up. Both happened when I was playing Stardew Valley and Vivaldi was open.

    From /var/log/kern.log:

    Mar 1 16:21:04 deb kernel: [121256.618556] vivaldi-bin[26762]: segfault at 4d0 ip afd47f5a sp bfc7d520 error 4 in[afd23000+14d000]
    Mar 1 17:41:18 deb kernel: [ 4767.215519] vivaldi-bin[3376]: segfault at 4d0 ip afddaf5a sp bfe5eb20 error 4 in[afdb6000+14d000]

    I was able to shutdown the machine with the shutdown command, as it seemed only the display was frozen and the machine could still be used, the screen just displayed frozen Stardew Valley. I didn't remember how to change ttys when the freezes happened.

    Not sure if this is a Vivaldi problem, but I haven't had problems with Stardew Valley before (I took a break from playing it, maybe for 2-4 weeks, it's still the same version), and as the kernel log says vivaldi-bin... And I don't even know if the segfault is related to the screen freezing.

    Any ideas?

  • Yeah probably the segfaults are somehow related to screen freezing – the error happens in libX11 after all. Hard to say what's happening without a stack trace. Maybe Stardew Valley causes the freeze and that causes Vivaldi to segfault or something. Restarting X could help if the computer is responsive otherwise.

    Stardew has had some problems happening when you do certain in-game actions or enter some area, I believe.

  • @mince said in Vivaldi causing a segfault? [Debian Jessie]:

    I didn't remember how to change ttys when the freezes happened.


    I agree with @kumiponi, maybe "Stardew Valley".
    Current Linux/Debian sid still use same version of that

  • @kumiponi

    Thanks for the reply. It hasn't happened again yet, but I'll try to restart X if it does, and look if it happens on certain events in Stardew Valley.

  • Moderator

    Perhaps a instability of graphics card driver and XServer on your Debian. Vivaldi uses much GPU and OpenGL.

    Which GPU do you use?

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    It's just some integrated Intel (works well enough for this game), don't know any details.

    I guess I should just close Vivaldi when playing, as it hasn't happened when I have done that.

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