Built-in Print to PDF results in incorrect file permissions.

  • I'm had this same issue when I tried Chromium so it must be in the shared code, but everyone knows Vivaldi people are smarter and better looking the Chromium people, so I posted here first 😉

    When using the "Print" and "Save to PDF" dialog, the resulting file has permissions -rw------- instead of -rw-rw-r-- which would be more common and is the default with Ubuntu and it's derivatives.

    This causes issues for me because many of my files reside on a server. The "owner only" permissions cause trouble because the server is configured to change file ownership of all files coming in to nobody:shared so others can access them. The permissions make it impossible to access the files from other computers so I have to log into the server and change the permissions. The permission assignment also occurs when I save locally, but has no great impact because the user:group doesn't change.

    Is there someplace I can go and change this setting? I've been looking but no joy.

  • The print dialog has a link at bottom left: "Print using system dialog... (Shift+Ctrl+P)". In my case at least, the system dialog uses the correct (default) umask but the resulting file seems to be smaller and lacks the header and footer markings typical of printed web pages.

  • @SKSmith
    For Print with System Dialog, I only know if we're using CUPS, like CUPS-PDf. We can set file umask like 0022 (that's rw+r+r) in /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf. But here we've got issue like @kumiponi mentioned, no footer, I got the header though.


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