Microsoft EMET /Sandboxie

  • Hi, I am just running vivaldi (Developer Build) on Windows 8.1 32 bit in Sandboxie and with Microsofts EMET (anti buffer overflow.. flag enabler). I cannot see which flag is set in vivaldi internally anyways. but I activated every option besides "Caller" in EMET (with it it, vivaldi crashed on my system) and in principle it works, just the start-up of vivaldi and some pages and changing the tabs is slower. Does someone found out settings that don´t result in a slow down? It´s alright so far and I think it would be nice to watch that vivaldi is compatible to those modern security methods. 🙂

  • I cannot comment particularly on Vivaldi but I used Sandboxie with Opera Chromium for over a year and even paid Sandboxie.

    I did noticed it was a bit slower, not much, it was completely usable, but I think Sandboxie had some impact on the performance somehow, it must have, since you are adding overhead to the running process.


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