File upload dialog not shown when download-sidebar is active

  • When the download sidebar is active as shown in the screenshot below, the file-upload-dialog won't open. As i close the dowload-sidebar it works again. This appeard as i tried to upload files to wordpress.

    It works in other upload forms, even with wordpress when i open the link to "Dateien auswählen" (Select Files) in a new tab. Don't know if it's wordpress related or a Vivaldi Issue

    I run arch linux with budgie

  • Can't reproduce on Manjaro, latest Vivaldi snapshot. Granted, I don't have a Wordpress account, so I instead tried on these other sites:


  • Moderator

    @le_mon Could not reproduce your issue with Vivaldi 1.7 Stable on my Debian 8.7 KDE 4.14


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