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  • I've got a duel boot setup. Under Windows, Vivaldi launches in about a second and a half. Under Ubuntu Gnome 16.10, takes forever... sometimes crashes saying it can't find the profile.

    Thoughts? PS Same behavior with Chrome (any flavor). Under Fedora, no problems.



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    @brianconnolly: Perhaps a Linux maven will have something on this. In Windows 10 on my dual boot, it's a 4-sec launch and Mint 18.1 is 2 sec.

  • I'm thinking it has something to do with chrome's proxy settings and setting the network.

    Here is a great resource re: Chrome: . I attempted a work around, i.e. silent launch at startup. Works great with a first use only. After closing Vivaldi, I am back with the original condition.

  • Have you tried creating a launcher for vivaldi using the --no-proxy-server switch in the command.

    You can copy application launchers from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/share/applications.
    Launchers in ~/.local/share/applications will override the /usr/share/applications launcher for the user.

    Copy vivaldi launcher to your user directory via terminal.(use vivaldi-snapshot.desktop if that's your version)
    cp /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

    Then open with your text editor...
    gedit ~/.local/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop

    Change the first occurrence of "Exec=" line from...
    Exec=/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable %U
    Exec=/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable --no-proxy-server %U

    To revert just remove the desktop file...
    rm -i ~/.local/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop

  • Thanks, CantankRus. I had tried that. No luck. Still sloooooow launch.

  • @brianconnolly

    Thoughts? PS Same behavior with Chrome (any flavor).

    All of them? Also Opera & Chromium?

    Are you sure it's proxy/network settings problem?

    I collect other things that cause slow start or crash them.

    • Browser hardware acceleration.
    • Gnome/KDE keyring.
    • We tweaks our Linux to the dead.
    • Library errors/conflict.
    • systemd.

    When you start any of your Chromium based browser (including Vivaldi) from command line; are there any error messages? Well, usually those error messages also go to $HOME/.xsession-errors file.

  • dLeon,

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    No, I am not sure it's a proxy/network settings issue. The symptom of opening the browser shell and than the long time to load the home page led me to believe that.

    As to acceleration, it's off. No issue with the keyring. No error messages.

    I've written the Ubuntu Gnome devs. We shall see.


  • @brianconnolly
    OK, best luck.

  • If you Google "chrome delay loading," the first site/page loading issue has history. Tried these general recommendations: . Seems the overall default solution is Firefox. 😞

  • @brianconnolly
    So, what's the story for the rest of people that don't have problems with slow loading/startup?

    I never have such problems with any browsers. In any OS or hardware+software combos.

    You could also easily find people post, how IE, Opera <=12 or Firefox slow start through out their history. While us, the 3rd party viewer/listener could only scratch our head.

  • I understand. Just frustrated considering the extent and history of the problem. Most of all, I'm disappointed.

  • @brianconnolly
    Fair enough. I figure the situation will be really upsetting if I also stumble over it.

    Frustratingly a Tom & Jerry problem. Common cause:

    • PC have different hardware install to it.
    • People use a lot of different extensions/addons simultaneously.
    • In Window & Mac people (most of time) install/use multitude of anti something.
    • Some people use random tweaks to their system to met specific need.

    Except for hardware combo, I also stumble to each one above occasionally.
    No human made can just got out become the good tools without going through a journey, sometime a timely & painful journey.

    And hey, even it does already good, it's not necessary good for every single people.
    I say either the old Firefox or new Firefox are good, I also use it. Still, a lot will say one or both of them are junks.

  • You are ABSOLUTELY right, dLeon. I apologise for expressing my frustration and i will continue to look for a solution to the issue. Vivaldi is a great browser.


  • [SOLVED] I found a solution to all this: Fedora. Works GREAT!

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    @brianconnolly said in Slow launch:

    [SOLVED] I found a solution to all this: Fedora. Works GREAT!

    Great! I will mark as Resolved


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