Cant find sign in

  • I just reinstal vivaldi. I cant find sign in. I want my all bookmarks back plz help me fast

  • @prince12 More details would make helping easier.

    Which version of Vivaldi?
    Which version of Windows?

    What did you do to reinstall Vivaldi (also what made you reinstall)?
    What do you mean by "sign in"?
    What are you doing and are you getting an error message?

  • @TbGbe Vivaldi Version 1.7
    Windows 7 64bit
    After about around 45 days of using Vivaldi it slow load videos in Youtube. Sometimes just stop loading. So thats why i uninstall compltetly.Then install it again.
    But I want my bookmarks back which i added in vivalid where all my importants bookmarks are gone ?

  • @prince12 said in Cant find sign in:

    So thats why i uninstall compltetly.Then install it again.

    Well, if you used the Uninstall Options, all the profile data should be still in your user folder.

    for information about folder/filenames etc (ignore the info relating to reset/rename folders of course).

    However, if you actually deleted folders yourself, you may have deleted the profile information as well 😒

    In most cases, uninstalling Vivaldi is not necessary; most problems may be solved just by resetting the profile or changing some settings (depending on what the problem is).

  • @TbGbe Why Vivaldi not have sync of everything like chrome my extensions and bookmarks.Just simpal log in to chrome and all data will be back simpal as that

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    @prince12 - Because they have spent 2 1/2 years writing the code for that, and procuring and setting up the servers for it (for a few million users), and it's not quite ready yet. It's not something you can simply turn on or turn off in a browser, or paste in a few lines of code and there it is.

  • @Ayespy Every User is Not a coder.Some users need some basic things browse fast and secure,User can sign in to broswer to get all bookmarks when ever user use the net..Every time i cant get my bookmarks in my pocket...When ever i need i just sign in after Usage log out. Done-----One Browser data Every where you need.

  • @Ayespy 2 Months back i import ALL bookmarks from chrome then change change browser to Vivaldi. After using of 2 months i save around 150 Important bookamarks. Now what i hv only 3 bookmarks bcz u r programmers took 2 years still not add Sign in Option.

  • @prince12

    You are right that not every user is a coder but on the other hand not every company has the manpower and money like google does. So this stuff just takes some time - sync is on the to do list (and with a little luck will come this year).

    I don't want to step on your feet but "[...] programmers took 2 years still not add Sign in Option." is a bit like: "Two years ago we developed the wheel - why aren't we building a completely functional car yet?"

    To avoid a loss of data the next time you uninstall or change something you might want to copy and save your "Default" folder.
    You can find it's location when you click the Vivaldi menu --> Help --> About (or go to vivaldi://about) - there you can find "Profile Path" which points to the location of your Default folder that contains your user data.

    When you reinstall Vivaldi you just simply copy the "old" Default folder over the new one and than there should be most of your data (please note that this might not apply for all extensions yet)

    What kind of information is saved in "Default" you can read about here when you scroll down to "Back up some Vivaldi information"

  • @zaibon yup i will copy data folder. waiting for the upadate for sign vivaldi

  • @prince12 thanku for info sir


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