NaCl in Vivaldi

  • Re: Enable NaCL

    I recently started using tidal hifi, in order to allow lossless music streaming the service requires to use chrome to navigate. Since Vivaldi is based on Chromium I assumed it would have been the same but it wasn't, I tried using audirvana+ (which is tidal-compatible) and the tidal app for streaming, only to discover that the 'hifi' (ie lossless) option was greyed out on both apps.
    I did a little research and discovered that "NaCl" was required to allow hifi streaming; apparently it's built in Chrome. As soon as I downloaded Chrome and installed it the option for hifi streaming became available on both the tidal app and audirvana+.
    Now, I don't really like to keep chrome installed just to be able to stream music from 3rd party apps and I was wondering if there is any way to enable NaCl in vivaldi.

    I don't know if matters in this case but I'm running Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 on MacOs 10.12.3

  • I fear the NaCL support is not present in vivaldi, so I think that can't be enabled.


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