help w/some issues after restoring?

  • Hi all

    So, I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 after it was unfixable; I made a HDD image first, of my C: drive so that I could cherry pick whatever I need off of it during this restoration.

    I have run into a few issues now w/Vivaldi that I'm hoping I can get help with.

    For reference, I didn't install Vivaldi to my default C: installation folder, I installed it to a different drive (G:), so even after a fresh Windows install, the original installation folder is still there on G:

    1). I had many extensions, now when I run Vivaldi, the extensions are not there. Where is the original extension information/files stored so that I can restore them from my image? It would be too much of a headache to manually re-install them from the extension store.

    2). (This one's really weird) I have "chrome://newtab" set as my New Tab page. When I load the new tab, I get the regular Google new tab page, that also includes the 2 rows of (blank) thumbnails, and a search bar. However, the thumbnails always stay blank no matter what, and (even weirder) though I can click to put the cursor into the search field, typing anything doesn't actually enter the characters into the field! The cursor just blinks, ignoring all keypresses? WEIRD!!

    3). I listen to SiriusXM's online player in a pinned tab. Whenever I press play, it plays for about 5 minutes and then stops. I have to keep going back and pressing play. This never happened before I did the re-install of Windows.

    Can anyone help me out? All help MUCH appreciated!


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    1. When you reinstalled Windows you created a new unique user ID (doesn't matter if you use the same username). The decryption key built into Windows for that ID is different from the one used to encrypt the Passwords and Extensions in Vivaldi. You will need to re-install the extensions. Their data and settings should still be just fine. Your passwords, if you had any stored in Vivaldi, are toast. I recommend you rename or delete the "Login Data" file and start over on that score. All other cookies, settings, history, cache, etc. should be the same.

    2. To my knowledge, Chrome://newtab is not compatible with Vivaldi. It is, however, the setting you need for some Speed Dial extensions.

    3. Your Windows reinstall may be handling your media hardware differently from the old installation. You might need to update drivers or whatever. If that doesn't help, it could be you will need to enable or disable hardware acceleration in one or more of the Vivaldi flags.


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