Recent performance troubles

  • Vivaldi worked great for me for my first few months, but recently performance has crashed. Even with a single tab open, I will see one instance of vivaldi.exe consuming 25% of my CPU (maxing out one core, basically) while controlling 1.5 gig of RAM. The browser will be totally unresponsive for minutes on end. I have tried disabling all extensions, and I have even tried 1.8.755.3 instead of the latest 1.7.etc, but with no improvement (or perceivable change).

    Possibly related issue. Even before this started happening, "Bookmark All Open Pages" would take an absurdly long time to complete, locking me out until it did.

    I'm running Windows 10 on a netbook with an i7-2620M with 8 gig of RAM. Virus checker is AVG. Ask me anything else that might help.

  • Did you try it with a new clean profile?

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    @MathProf2 - Also try with and without extensions, and with and without AVG.

  • While nice to suspect a "dirty" profile, when no changes have been made to one's profile other than the updating to the latest version of Vivaldi, it becomes apparent that it is an issue with the version or some other software. I have changed or added zero apps, extensions, or in any way modified anything within my Vivaldi profile. These suggestions are typical for Firefox responses. The only thing that I know of that may cause the apparent memory leak that is maxing out my memory as well, are an incompatibility with Adobe Flash which also recently updated. Using a an app which clears temporary files and resides on my computer outside of the Vivaldi environment, clearing the temp files removes the 900+Mb used by Vivaldi prior to the slowdowns, hesitations and crashes. I experienced the same deterioration with Firefox prior to switching to Vivaldi. I have nothing in my profile that has changed. The only thing that has changed is updates by Vivaldi, and by Adobe Flash.

  • Hi, some user report corrupted profiles after update and it cost only 30 seconds to make a new temporary profile to test this.

    If it is not the problem we can look further.

    Cheers, mib

  • Try reset profile as said and look also here

  • Vivaldi is under development and features are added in every release. That's why profile corruption is more likely to happen.

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    @disasterman: You don't have to change anything in your profile in order for an update to either cause or uncover a corruption or incompatibility.

  • Wish I had seen this a couple of hours ago before I posted having the same problems. How does one "reset the profile"?

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    @fweezal: To refresh your profile, you follow this link I just provided here, and in your other thread.


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