Download Manager not working properly in 1.8.755.3 snapshot (Linux)

  • So I decided to download a big file to see how Vivaldi behaved...not impressed. 😞

    I started to download this file:

    I clicked the Restart button to see is it was resuming or not.

    Now I have 2 unfinished downloads on the manager (because I clicked on the link again). Resume, Restart and Remove do nothing that I can see...

    Download info is stuck on the moment I pressed the buttons. If I hover over Downloads icon it says "6active transfers", I guess I pressed a few times. But I don't see anything happening. I can't Restart, Resume or Remove the downloads.

    If I go to the file explorer, now I can see 6 files "Unconfirmed *.crdownload" downloading, but it doesn't show on Vivaldi. As I say before, I can see only 2 files on the Download manager, and they seem stopped.

    I guess I have to kill the processes, or wait for the whole 6 isos to download and then delete them. Not cool.

    PS: I forgot to say that I'm very excited reading the posts telling the developers what features people want and them actually coding them. Nice work. 🙂

  • @redlap
    Confirmed that behavior.

    Download info do stuck. It refresh when I hit "Clear finish download". It will keep stucked if it only one download though.

    Ironically, chrome://downloads page work as the panel suppose to be.
    We could add this address as Web Panel. But don't forget to choose Show Desktop version. While look just same, the page in mobile version, buttons doesn't work.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64
    Vivaldi 1.8.755.3 x64

  • I tried it with 1.7.735.46 Stable and the file that was linked to, and resuming works fine. So it may be a regression.

  • I forgot to check chrome://downloads.

    I tested it watching the manager and chrome://downloads at the same time.

    Pause and resume works in chrome://downloads and it seems to be updating correctly on the manager. BUT, when I remove the download, it doesn't update on the manager and I have to go and manually remove it there.

  • @redlap

    BUT, when I remove the download, it doesn't update on the manager and I have to go and manually remove it there.

    Yeah, I noticed that too.
    I tried 4 consecutive download. Pause all of them. Delete some from chrome://downloads. The deleted list still on panel.


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