Anyone else encountered popups

  • For some reason it appears that Vivaldi contains popups. Every couple of hours a new tab opens containing a web advertisement for various crap that probably contains Malware and PUP's. I get these even if I just leave the browser open to the Vivaldi forum homepage.
    I am running the latest version on Windows 10 with the following extensions
    Fair AdBlocker by STANDS

    JavaScript popup blocker by Adel Saoud

    PopUp Blocker Strict by

    Popup Blocker Pro by

    AdBlock Plus by

    All are the latest versions and I tried clearing cache, history, cookies and I am still getting popups in a new tab even when just sitting on Vivaldi's home page. I use another browser with the same extensions and this does not happen. Any suggestions?


  • Try disabling all extensions and see if it still happens.

  • @pafflick

    Closed and restarted I will wait to see what happens.

  • @blizzard69 Just to reassure you, it is NOT Vivaldi that causes this.
    Either an extension (which may need to be uninstalled, rather than just disabled) or some other software/malware is causing this.

  • Moderator

    @TbGbe is right. It's not Vivaldi.

  • @blizzard69 -- As all the others have said, this is certainly not Vivaldi... IF Vivaldi is "genuine". From where did you download your Vivaldi installation pgm? Was it direct from the V site, or from a 3rd-Party site? If the latter, then i suspect you have a malware-laden impostor.

  • @blizzard69 said in Anyone else encountered popups:

    JavaScript popup blocker by Adel Saoud

    PopUp Blocker Strict by

    Popup Blocker Pro by

    You certainly take popups seriously O:
    Do you wanna talk about it?

  • To add to what @Steffie wrote above, did you download each and every one of your extensions directly from either their makers or from the Chrome Store? If not, there's an fair chance that such an extension downloaded from one of the 'popular' 3rd-party freeware sites may have been bundled with something unpleasant in addition to the sought-after extension.

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