Is Vivaldi browser safe to use? and is it available to android google play?

  • Currently I am using Opera

  • Yes it is safe! No, it's not yet available for Android, but probably in the future it will be. 🙂

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    @markchristian796 building a mobile version of Vivaldi is in our pipeline. 🙂

  • Ahan, regarding your first question, I'd like to ask safe from what exactly? If you mean like it has incognito mode so your history doesn't get public with other users of that same device (desktop PC for instance) then yeah, it's pretty safe to use. If you meant to ask if you're using it to make online transactions and if they're safe, like if they're secure or encrypted, then no, vivaldi, for now, does not offer a built-in encryption or vpn type of thing.

    About yoru second question, no it does not offer one for Android. At least I was able to find absolutely nothing with a "Vivaldi Browser" query over my Android Playstore.

  • @gaelle
    Any update?
    I'm not looking for an ETA, I'd just be glad to know that us Android users haven't been forgotten.

  • @gaelle
    excellent. looking forward to seeing this on android.

  • @Kyuubi10 There is no real ETA but there is some kind of priority list (you can puzzle it together from comments and interviews) and on this list mail and - but that's just my guess - sync have a higher prio than android. So I'd recommend to ask again when those are released.
    ; )

  • It's actually interesting, nowadays there are more mobile than desktop users, maybe it would have made more sense to make an android browser first? Then again, mobile users are less picky and often just stick with the default browser, it's questionable if Vivaldi can get any market share on mobile (other than people using their desktop browser already).

  • @luetage -- Well, i entirely understand your point, & don't materially disagree, for the populace. However, now just speaking only about this little purple duck, who spends vastly more time online at her Tower than on her smart-phone, i am just tickled-pink purple that V came along & targeted desktop first.


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