Downloads doesn't show X mb of Y mb

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    3_1488015820922_Real file size.jpg 2_1488015820922_2017-02-25_15-50-19.jpg 1_1488015820922_2017-02-25_15-39-21.jpg 0_1488015820921_9.33 MB.jpg

    I have a similar problem although not exactly the same.
    Let's say I am downloading a 10 MB file.
    It always show like for instance: 5 MB of 5 MB or 8 MB of 8 MB.
    It should be 5 MB of 10 MB or 8 MB of 10 MB.

  • Note that the server sending you the file over HTTP has to first send the Content-Length header. Otherwise your browser can't know the size of the file before the download is complete and hence can't show a progress bar or estimate of remaining time.

  • @kumiponi

    I can't remember ever having seen this in any other browser, but I will check it in Chrome.

  • Moderator

    @Dietrich I haven't noticed that on my PC, though, on the other hand, I don't download as many files as I used to, but could you try comparing it with the data shown on vivaldi://downloads? I've just tried downloading something and it shows the correct file size in both downloading panel and on the downloading page... It could be a server's issue, as @kumiponi mentioned...

  • @pafflick

    Not to worry, problem solved.
    I downloaded a different file and everything looked just fine while downloading.
    So it must have been a problem with that original file that I showed before.
    Strange though.

    2_1488042284696_2017-02-26_0-58-33.jpg 1_1488042284696_2017-02-26_0-55-58.jpg 0_1488042284695_2017-02-26_0-55-17.jpg

  • Often when internet connection is fast and hard disk is slow (and the file system is slow...) it takes more time to move a downloaded file from temporary storage (memory or temp folder) to your downloads folder than what the download itself takes. Then it can appear that the download progress hangs a couple of seconds, when in fact the download is already complete (it's practically instant) and the result is being "processed". I'd imagine that this effect is increased if your antivirus software intervenes to check the file.

    @Dietrich, a side note: I accidentally downvoted your post. Then I upvoted it but it didn't return to zero but got to one upvote. :)

  • @kumiponi

    Thanks for not downvoting me eventually :bow:
    But I never gave an opinion, just a fact, as the screenshots proved.
    My Internet connection is 100MB download and 12 MB upload, my harddisk is a Samsung SSD 850 EVO in RAPID mode.
    BTW, how do I "downvote" or "upvote" somebody's post?

  • @Dietrich old Opera used to sometimes give nonsense values like 97514321% - so like kumiponi says, you occasionally get servers which don't define the size properly.

  • @Dietrich said:

    BTW, how do I "downvote" or "upvote" somebody's post?

    It's those up and down pointing "arrows" (angles) on grey background, beneath a post next to "Quote". Now I clicked the upvote button again and the number got back to zero. So a second click cancels it. Originally I meant to click the Quote link when I downvoted accidentally.

  • @kumiponi

    Thanks. So I upvoted you! And what happens if I get the most votes? Become president of the Vivaldi party?

  • Moderator

    @Dietrich No, that is solely for your own satisfaction of being the most upvoted person in the forums. 😄 Once you're there, you can start running around, showing it to all of your friends, relatives, neighbors and strangers. They have to know how cool you are. 😉 No, that'd be weird.


  • @pafflick

    How does it feel to be the most upvoted person?

  • Moderator

    @Dietrich It feels like 🏆 Achievement Unlocked (which means: "nobody cares about it, except for you"). 😋

  • @pafflick

    You are being too modest.
    You must have made some awesome smart remarks in your posts, otherwise people would not upvote you so much.

  • Moderator

    @Dietrich The truth is, that the vast majority of those votes come from the "Feature Requests" threads. So, you shouldn't take those reputation points too seriously. 😉

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