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  • Vivaldi became my number 1 browser, but the lack of Sync is a big down in my book. Any news when (and if) this feature will become live? (-:

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    @Aliante: It's at the top of the priority list right now, and under heavy development and some early testing. Vivaldi does not offer ETAs.

  • @Ayespy , good to know. Awesome news. Thanks so much for the prompt reply! :-) And the good news of course :-)

  • Yeppeee Good news.

    //MODEDIT: removed ad link.

  • @Ayespy fine to read the good news.
    In my opinion the biggest function gap in Vivaldi.

    one of my dreams will come true ;)

  • @Ayespy Is there a reference as to what this sync will be capable of?
    Specifically asking about history, open tabs, settings, and most importantly extension sync, but if theres more I'm keen to know.

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    @wolframsoyka: There's no reference, and I'm not allowed to predict what's supposed to work, in case the developers can't deliver everything that's being tested right now. Suffice it to say, it's planned to be comprehensive. It looks like they're exploring the possibility to sync things I never would have thought of.

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