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  • The context menu option "Open Link In New Tab" should work the same as it works on Chrome (opening the link in a new background tab by default). Why? Well, why is it not like that in the first place?
    I mean, both Firefox and Chrome shows this option at the top of their context menu lists.
    I know there's an option to open the link in a new background tab right under it and I also know that Ctrl+Left Click does that too, but there's no reason to break this habit on Vivaldi.

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    @WilliamTael: The developers here, who invented "open link in new tab" back when they were building the old Opera, decided to do it the same way here as they did there - open link in new tab assumes you want to see that new tab. The option to "Open in background tab" is in the context menu also, plus ctrl+click on the link opens in background, as does middle-click on the link, and you can also make a mouse gesture for it. There may be an ability to change that menu in the future, but right now it's set up so that it will be familiar to immigrants from Opera 12.

  • @Ayespy
    I can live with that.

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