Bookmarks menu shortcut and option to set bookmarks menu as the new tab

  • Bookmarks menu shortcut:
    The side panel for bookmarks looks really good, but the fact that the panel doesn't hide itself automatically, and also changes the page layout when showing, is quite annoying.
    There are extensions like "Neater Bookmarks", which add an icon shortcut on the navigation bar that, when clicked, shows up a menu with all the bookmarks in a list form.
    This extension is quite handy, but Vivaldi's bookmark side panel looks better in appearance (because it can be set with a dark theme). So I think the best solution would be a native shortcut that works in the same way of that extension, but respecting Vivaldi's theme color scheme.

    Bookmarks as the new tab:
    Sure I can use the speed dial with all my bookmarks on it, but I really don't like the space that the thumbnails occupy.
    I think the best way to solve this is to give a "display as list" option to the speed dial.
    In order for it to show only tiny icons on the left with their bookmark names on their right side (without showing any thumbnails).


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