Search text in website not finding a word I can see it's there.

  • Hi. Today is my first day using Vivaldi. I'm liking it so far, but I found a couple of weird things.

    On was with the extensions installed not showing (now I can see them).

    And the other one was while trying to search for a word here:

    I knew evernote was somewhere, so I tried to search for it, and it couldn't. It says 0 of 0 and I can clearly see and select the word, so something is not working properly.

    If I type "ever" it finds the string "", but it can't find Evernote. Match case is not selected and I tried writing "Evernote" without success.

    Edit: I'm doing some tests with the word "screen". It seems that it searches for a while, but then stops.

    If I go to the top of the page, it says it found 24.

    I scrolled down a bit and it gave me more than a hundred, but still wasn't right. It gave me different results just by moving the scroll bar.

    Now it's giving me only 24 results again everywhere.

    Wow, this is weird!!!

    BTW Firefox says: 218 results for "screen" and 4 for "evernote".

  • Certainly buggy behaviour. The page loads more content as it's scrolled down, which somehow confuses the browser. This may be a Chromium bug because Google Chrome seems to behave similarly. If I examine the computed source (the Elements tab, whatever it's called) in developer tools, I can find Evernote there by searching.

  • I never bother to use the search in Chrome Webstore it weird at best.

    I instead use search engine this way;
    (your search)
    It more informative & easy to browse than Chrome Webstore search results.

    I just do Google with search term "evernote", it return me 169,000 hit.
    While Startpage return 21,849 hit. Startpage pretty aggressive in filtering duplicates.

  • Must have something to do with the way the page loads and chromes search function.
    If you scroll down enough and press f3 it finds a new set of results.


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