Vivaldi Page Brightness vs. Firefox

  • I have noticed a distinct difference in the page brightness between these two browsers. The whites on FF are brighter, giving a decidedly crisper overlook and feel. Is this a Chromium issue and Firefox simply is a better renderer? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

  • @dac
    Just my opinion.

    Might be Chromium original feature or maybe problem. Depended to who see it.

    I'm on Linux/Debian; in this very same page I notice slight pink hue in Vivaldi & Chromium while on Firefox it looks Gamma White (actually over bright & make the font looks thin & gray). I'm not favorite one or the other.

    Nevermind, it seem my Video Card. After I Alt+Tab a view time the gamma become same.

  • For me, this page has the same colours in Firefox and Vivaldi.

    Interestingly, the title of the topic isn't bold in Firefox, and there's a small 't' icon next to 'vivaldi translator' that Vivaldi doesn't display.
    edit: my adblocker for Vivaldi seems to block that icon since it pretends to be related to tumblr for whatever reason.
    edit 2: both browsers report a font weight of 500 for the title, but apparently don't render this the same way.

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    I can see no difference.

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    Cant see a difference between Vivaldi an Firefox.
    It is always White RBG 255/255/255.

    I measured it with a calibrated High End Eizo screen and a colorimeter.

  • I confirmed what Gwen-Dragon states: white rgb 255,255,255 - hex #ffffff on both. It seems to be a brightness matter. On my high end Dell monitor Firefox is brighter and the text more crisp. I see the difference in font crispness in the Bookmark Bar text etc. in both browsers as well, although I do not have the blurry issue so many have trouble with. Just clearer, crisper text and brighter whites on Firefox.

  • The Contrast Adjustment setting in Settings -> Appearance is supposed to affect only the UI elements, not web pages, right?

  • @dLeon

    For those who have a compatible Nvidia Video Card and compatible monitor:

    To get a very crips image in all of Windows, go to:
    Nvidia Control Panel - Display - Change resolution - Apply the following settings - Output dynamic range - Change from Limited to Full.


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