Facebook very slow newsfeed loading on Vivaldi

  • The Facebook newsfeed hangs while it loads new posts and get more and more slow as I roll down the page.
    It also makes texting very slow on the posts comment section.
    I have disabled Flash and background synch on the padlock icon next to the address bar, to see if that would fix it, but it still hangs like hell.
    This problem does not happen on Firefox.

  • @WilliamTael I can vouch for this running Vivaldi on both Windows 7 64-bit and up through the most current versions of Linux Mint 64-bit, both Cinnamon and MATE. For me, this has been a problem with Vivaldi ever since I first installed it and had never been fixed in any ensuing update. Not only do the feeds bog down very quickly but heaven forbid if one opens up multiple Facebook tabs as the whole browser will come to a screeching halt for anywhere from two to ten minutes...and that's on computers with 16GB of RAM on my Win7 machine at work and 32GB on my Linux Mint rig at home. On those same computers, neither Chrome/Chromium or Firefox bog down like that.

    I must admit that my Facebook use is extremely light -- once a week at most unless there is a big news event in the rural area where I live as, sadly, Facebook is the only good source of news here. That being said, this is something that needs to be addressed before Vivaldi can fully replace my use of the major browsers. One should not have to brew a pot of coffee to be able to get through Facebook.

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