How to re-activate the built in PDF Viewer?

  • Software versions: Vivaldi (the black Vivaldi) 1.8.755.3 (official build) (64-Bit) on OSX 10.12.3


    I'm having a problem with PDF preview in Vivaldi.

    In the past I deactivated the in built PDF viewer and nowadays I get a download/open prompt for every PDF. If I click on open the file will be opened with the OSX preview app.

    In vivaldi://plugins I can see the Chromium PDF Viewer which is deactivated with the info "deactivated by company policy" or something like it - I dont really know what that means or how it happened. There is no such thing as company policy on my computer.

    How can I re-activate the pdf viewer or use a a new browser plugin/extension to automatically get a preview of the PDF in a Vivaldi tab.

    Any ideas? 😕

  • Moderator

    I hope this works and is similar on Mac:

    • Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/content
    • Scroll down to PDF Documents
    • Disable Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application
    • Close settings

  • There's also same issue on Linux probably also will be in Windows in future.

    The issue seem not specific to Vivaldi.
    It could track back a few years back in Google Chrome. Seem un-resolved as it randomly happen in some system or any Chromium based browser.

    The only "deactivated by company policy" I could find was talking about Windows Group Policy. Which of course doesn't make sense for Linux & Mac.


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