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  • I rarely need to use Windows but when I do I run it via VirtualBox. Having just installed and configured Vavaldi on my Linux OS I would like to know if it is possible to copy my bookmarks and Speed Dial info over to my new Windows (7) OS. I haven't been able to locate anything on this site or on the main Vivaldi website, but I did see a post saying you can import by opening the "files" but don't see any place to do this.

  • @nypaulie
    Bookmarks right?

    Common way:

    • On previous Vivaldi.
      File (Alt+f) ~ Export Bookmarks. Save it as HTML.

    • On target Vivaldi.
      File (Alt+f) ~ Import Bookmarks and Settings
      At "From" dropdown choose "Bookmarks HTML file".
      "Choose a File", point to your previously saved bookmarks HTML.

    Nerd way:
    Just copy paste "Bookmarks" file in your profile to other profiles.
    It just JSON file.
    WARNING: This is sure way to lost your bookmarks in other profile.
    Use the Common way so you could preserve bookmarks in other profiles.

  • Thanks! Alt/f did it... what a work-saver.


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