Opening Dev Tools when full-screen

  • Anyone else have an issue where if they open Dev Tools (shift+command+I or right-click>Inspect) they're unable to close the Dev Tools window?

    It's pretty annoying and only by closing Vivaldi and re-opening it can I get that window to go away.

  • I didn't know that, this is indeed annoying. You can however open the desktop overview, and there will be a desktop named Vivaldi (which is the dev tools window). Drag this desktop/window down to current desktop and the dev tools won't be in fullscreen anymore, therefore you can close them. No need to restart Vivaldi at least.

  • Yes, this happened to me a was quite annoying. Thankfully, they moderators say that they will be fixing the dev tools so that you can doc it, which will also fix this issue

  • @Flipkidd You can already use docked devtools if you don't mind customising your browser ---> Vivaldi Hooks

  • Yes I am having the same issue. And it still is not possible to snap dev tools to the main window. This is one of the last issues that prevent me from uninstalling Chrome.


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