Bookmarks view modes (suggestion)

  • Hi. Currently only list view mode for bookmarks avalible. I want to ask to add thumbnail view modes (smal and large) just like in Opera. And cool animation for switching modes :)

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    @alxgvr: Bookmarks viewed in the Speed Dial page are viewed in thumbnail mode. You can add any bookmark or folder you like to the Speed Dial page, or designate any folder as an alternate Speed Dial. As it happens, my Speed Dial folder is congruent with my main bookmark folder in which all my bookmarks reside - so if I want, I can see any folder in Thumbnail view.

  • Thank you, but it is a different thing.

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    @alxgvr: Still, there it is. Vivaldi is unlikely to be hurrying to adopt Opera UI features (or the UI features of any other competing browser), but rather will develop UI features of its own (which may someday include a way to display bookmarks with their thumbs - the thumbs are, after all, already stored parallel with the bookmarks).

    A majority of users come here because they want something different from what they have had (and then, of course, some of them complain that Vivaldi doesn't do something just like their old browser). Any feature you do want, may be suggested or voted for at .

  • @Ayespy Thanks :)

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