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  • Hi. I love how Vivaldi looks, but I don`t like side panel. I always hide it to make my browser look clean. But when I download something, side panel opens automatically, showing downloaded file.

    I want to ask to show downloaded files via popup notifications in top left corner, just like all other browsers do. Just add icon near trash can (paper clip icon would be cool) for recent downloads (click on icon - open list of downloaded files)


  • Moderator

    Open Vivaldi menu → Tools → Settings → Downloads
    Disable the automatic opening of download panel
    Close settings

    You can see Downloads in a tab:
    Create a bookmark in bookmarks bar chrome://downloads
    Open it if you need it.

    A popup in browser at top-left needs more changes in browser than the popup in bottom-right of desktop.
    Such feature may come if it is not much work to integrate with each code change of Chromium core code base.

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