• No icon to start the browser in either Windows 7 nor Win10 TP. Not even listed among programs on start menu or program list. Scratching my head at the moment.

  • Hi,
    I noticed the same thing when I run installer as non-administrator user.
    Windows asks for admin password and the installer by default installs Vivaldi only for administrator user.

    That can be changed by selecting Advanced from installer and selecting to install for all users or as standalone.

  • Thanks for the reply but I had selected "standalone" on installation and any attempt to reinstall using that Advanced tab shows it as greyed out and no other options can be selected. I normally run any new program as administrator on first installation but this one has not worked sadly. The details, however, appear in Appdata/Local and I'll dig into this to find out more. Thanks again.

  • Just found a solution to this although this may not be permanent. Went to AppData\Local and clicked on the application twice and dragged and dropped the header into the taskbar as a program start, so all is well, but might not be for others. Vivaldi - please take note to fix.


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