Persisting issues from 1.5 (Display problems Intel HD + Radeon)

  • Hi,
    I have few problems that started after update to version 1.5 and updates 1.6 and 1.7 didn't solve them.

    Vivaldi version: 1.7.735.46
    OS version: Windows 10 Pro N, 10.0.14393 build 1439

    1. Blank tab instead of properly loaded web page after click on link is still a thing - it seems it happens less than used to, but still sometimes page is open as blank, however I can navigate through page (e.g. cursor changes when I hover on place where button should be or I can hear audio...). Browser restart or copy link and paste it to new tab usually solves the problem. By the way it happens on Vivaldi webpage too - if I click "Community" on main page ( blank page is opened.

    0_1487760279842_Bez názvu.png

    1. Videos on facebook are opened like this.

    0_1487760319811_Bez názvu01.png

    I can hear audio, but there is just some blurry image.
    Also when I try to enlarge them this is how it looks like.
    Works perfect in other browsers.

    0_1487760411221_Bez názvu02.png

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    Please tell us:
    Do you have "Media Feature Pack" and "Media Player" installed on your Windwos 10N?
    Did you upgrade Windows graphics card driver from graphics hardware manufacturer page?
    Did you check GPU problems? Open vivaldi://gpu and have a look if all shows green in first section. If not post here what is red.

    1. Yes, I have Media Feature Pack and Windows Media Player is turned on in "Turn Windows featrues on and off"
    2. Actually I have drivers from AMD webpage, however I checked the version and it should be same driver as on HP webpage (further info - HP Probook 4540s, GPU - Radeon 7650m, driver version 15.20.1062.1004)




  • I forgot about integrated GPU, Intel HD Graphics 4000, driver is up-to-date.

  • Laptop manufacturers recommend using only the drivers that they provide on their own pages. (Maybe they make some tweaks, who knows.) And I concur that this sounds like a driver or GPU issue.

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    @Laope First of all, you probably have to update your OS, the latest (stable) build of Windows 10 is 1607.

    1. I haven't ever had a problem with opening blank tabs (or at least I don't recall), but few users reported this. No one seems to know what exactly is causing this (as for now)...
    2. I haven't had that issue either, but there seems to be a workaround if you set Vivaldi to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode...

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    @Laope As you can see, all Hardware acceleration is unavailable.
    That causes some problems with video display/decoding.
    And some dual GPU hardware combinations fail.


    1. Reset all flags by opening vivaldi://flags
    2. Button [Reset to Default]
    3. Restart Vivaldi

    Dual GPU sometimes causes problems.
    Intel HD with other GPU are known to have problematical drivers.
    Try to disable Intel HD 4000 in BIOS.

    If that does not work:

    1. Backup your Vivaldi profile data in a safe place
    2. Try to reset and restore your Vivaldi profile
      !!! !!!

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    I reseted both flags and profile - no change. Same problems, same result in vivaldi://gpu...
    Also I found this - I did same in chrome (chrome://gpu) and exactly same things are "red", but for some reason everything is working there. Then I've tried to change Switchable graphics settings - no difference wheter I set Vivaldi on "Power saving" or "High Performance".

    What else can be problem? Should I try to reinstall GPU drivers or some other program can be colliding with Vivaldi? Maybe something using codecs - K-Lite basic pack, VLC, AIMP, Format Factory...?

  • Okay, little update. I went into BIOS and option "Turn off switchable graphics" indeed solved the problems (or at least it seems so, videos are playing okay and I cant get anymore blank pages, however that thing with blank tabs was very random before so it might be just coincidence). I haven't option to choose which one of graphics should be pernamently on, but only one left in Device Manager is HD 4000 (integrated).

    vivaldi://gpu now looks like this

    So... it looks like Radeon 7650M is the cause of all evilness (or its drivers). Problem is, that I need it for occaisonally gaming and Lightroom. I'll try to figure out something with drivers and let you know.

  • I did following - previously I used driver downloaded from AMD website and Crimson Edition of Radeon software. I removed it completely and I downloaded driver for Probook 4540s from HP website with old Catalyst Control Center instead. Same problems.


    Obviously everything works when I turn off switchable graphics in BIOS, but it would be little bit dumb to restart and turn it on everytime I need to use Radeon. I have no clue now.

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    Can you deactivate Intel HD Graphics in Windows Device Manager?
    And run with AMD Radeon only?
    That would be a solution for you to use Lightroom and other high end graphics.

    Or fails Vivaldi if you use only AMD graphics.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    All hell broke loose 🙂 I disabled Intel HD in Device Manager and restarted. After reboot screen resolution changed (like with no or wrong driver) and Catalyst Control Center didnt even appeared in tray - it should on startup. I've tried to run it manually and error came up and it said that I have no driver installed and Catalyst cant be run. So I checked Radeon in Device Manager and it stated there is a driver and it works correctly. Weird. I allowed Intel HD and rebooted again and Catalyst suddenly started properly.

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    @Laope Oh!, i could never precog such strange hardware+driver things. As AMD Radeon does not want to work without Intel HD on Windows is really weird and lot logical for me.
    I don't know how to solve this, sorry.

    Can you please test the deactivation of video hardware acceleration?
    May be then all works better with activated Intel HD.

    First try:

    1. Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware
    2. Deactivate "Use Hardwareacceleration ...."
    3. Restart Vivaldi

    Second try:

    1. Open vivaldi://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode
    2. Change the Flag
    3. Restart Vivaldi

    That is all of my wizdom for strange Intel+AMD/NVidia dual gpu hardware.

  • Deactivating hardware acceleration finally DID THE TRICK! Videos are working -I've tried to play same videos with acceleration turned off and on, and every single video that was displayed as blury "something" before is now playing perfectly, also no issues when enlarged.
    It seems that blank tabs are gone too. I can't 100% confirm, because as I said before - this was very random, but I've tried to click on a lot (like really a lot) links and again - there was any single blank tab amongst them. Also clicking on "Community" on main Vivaldi page would gave me blank tab in 9 cases out of 10, now it's always opened and displayed.

    That thing with GPU is indeed weird. As far as I remember, I had only one major issue with GPU since I have this notebook (2013) and it was with game The Witcher 1. There was some kind of launcher testing HW before game was actually launched and it kept saying that I have only Intel HD and it's not enough for a game so I had to modify .exe with some parameter that allowed to skip that test and launch the game, however it forced me lowest possible texture resolution, even if the game clearly started using Radeon once launched.

    If whole thing with blank tabs and videos is caused by drivers I guess I can hardly except that AMD is going to fix it, because last driver on Radeon HD7650M is from 2015 (both on AMD and HP websites).

    Anyway, thank you a lot for your help and keep doing great job. Looking forward to future releases.

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    @Laope Nice to hear deactivation helped you.

    Oh yes, your Radeon drivers are old and may have bugs.
    My experience with Windows 10 and graphics hardware was: most drivers are not really stable.

    On Linux i had similar crazy problems of videos not running with some onboard Intel HD graphics on netbook but not on mini-PC.
    The deactivation of hardware acceleration helped.


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