Allow different search engines for Address Bar and Search Box

  • I have been using Vivaldi since the early Beta, and it does absolutely everything I need it to...
    Except this! I currently have my Search Box set to Wikipedia, so I can look things up there, which I frequently do.
    But this means I can not search Google easily by typing in the address bar, as it is also tied to Wikipedia.
    I would like to set them independently!
    Please allow us as users to select a different search engine for the Search Box, and the Title Bar.
    Thank you kindly.

  • @flowerlandfilms That is already possible! ☺
    Select from the search box menu!
    alt text
    What you have to do is leave Google as default by tweaking the settings, and select Wikipedia from the search box menu. As the picture above shows. Sorry for English. ☺
    Picture of the search configuration, address bar.

  • To switch between searchengines in the urlbar you can also use the Nicknames you assigned to them in
    "Settings --> Search --> click the Pencil on the right side of a search engine"

    As you can see in the picture below my default searchengine is google (blue checkmark) so everytime I type in the urlbar a google search is triggered.
    To search for example on youtube without going first to and than start to search I only have to type the nickname y first followed by a blank and than the searchterm I want to search on youtube which will guide me directly to the searchresults on youtube.

    So when I type: y funny cat videos
    I get redirected to: cat videos

    You can assign a nickname for every searchengine you have to make switching way easier.


  • @JuniorSilva30 @zaibon Wow! I had no idea! Thanks a lot guys, this will save me so much time!


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