What distro do you use?

  • Linux Mint. I've moved to it from Windows7. And it seems to me that was right decision

  • Manjaro KDE

  • Six years ago I posted here that I was using Debian Wheezy, which I used for a few years back then, but since then things have changed. I've been running Ubuntu 16.04 and now 18.04 (soon to become 20.04 in a few months).

    The reason was that I got a new laptop in 2015 and wanted to ensure that it fully worked. I could have got Debian Sid for this and tinkered, but felt lazy and wanting to try something else, so went back to Ubuntu (I've never agreed with the snobbery that Ubuntu is for those who can't run Debian...). It worked and I've stayed with it since.

    On another laptop, which is quite low end, it has the latest Xubuntu (20.04) on it. Quite impressed with it.

  • I have Manjaro on laptop and W7 + Linux Mint on desktop. I choose xfce in both cases, because it seems to be fast.

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    I've got Linux Mint 19.3 dual-booted on a couple of boxes - one 64-bit and one 32-bit, strictly for testing Vivaldi. I use the Cinnamon DE because it's a relatively smooth transition for a habitual Win user such as myself. I'm testing in 32- and 64-bit Win10, 32-bit Win7, and 32- and 64-bit Mint, plus an Android phone, and an Android tablet. Apparently can't make up my mind what I want to use. 🙂

  • Mostly dualbooted & distro-hoped since the... dawn of time but after Win10 ridiculous privacy shenanigans = total breach of trust I am permanently on Linux with Manjaro KDE 🙂

  • After some distro hopping I found the best compromise for my own needs is Xubuntu. Previously I have been using mostly Debian.

  • Currently using Ubuntu with Budgie desktop (20.04). Tried the following within the past month:

    • Kubuntu
    • Deepin Ubuntu
    • Linux Mint Cinnamon
    • LMDE
    • Fedora
    • Deepin Arch
    • openSuSE
    • Deepin (standard?)
    • Cloudready
    • FydeOS
    • Slax

    Has anyone thought of a Chromium OS with Vivaldi as default browser? Or a Vivaldi OS Linux Distro? My experience has been that "ChromeOS" is very fast until you add a Linux VM to run Vivaldi which makes it terribly slow. I would love to see a Vivaldi based distro. ☀

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