How frequently chromium core is updated?

  • Hi I am new to Vivaldi. Love the browser. I have a question. How frequently the chromium core is getting updated. I always use the chrome canary in windows and chromium in linux both are pretty much up to date with the chromium snapshots.

    Thanks in advance.

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    @nellaiseemai - Vivaldi generally keeps pace with Chromium, usually lagging by a week or so behind the similar version of Chrome. The lag is necessary, because changes and patches have to be introduced to Vivaldi in response to the changes in Chromium, and that takes time.
    When, for instance, the Stable version of Chrome 57 is released, then Vivaldi Stable based on Chromium 57 will be out within a week or perhaps even two, while at the same time, Vivaldi Sopranos version will begin to test on Chromium 58, and Chromium 58-based versions will begin to appear in the Snapshot stream. At present, Stable is based on 56, Snapshots are based on 56 and are about to be based on 57, and the Sopranos (Developer) version is being tested on 57 already. Soon, Sopranos (Developer) version will begin to be tested backstage on Chromium 58.

    The release cycle is similar to that of, for instance, Opera.

  • Hi, from snapshot Published on 26/01/2017 to latest it was updated two times.
    Vivaldi snapshots are mostly up to date, latest is 56.0.2924.88 which is newer than my Linux Chrome stable.

    Cheers, mib


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