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  • installed Vivaldi just recently, side bar mobile / desktop version on side panel shows the same panel for either one? is that correct or is there a setting i've missed?

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    @angelo0200: Same version of what?

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    the side panel. Shows the same screen for the Mobile and desktop version

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    There are two types of "mobile" versions of sites: responsive websites (modern) and "unresponsive" websites (deprecated). The responsive web design is about creating a website that adapts to the user's screen dimensions regardless of the device on which the website is displayed. The latter one uses scripts to detect the device (or the screen resolution) and then serves different types of websites (sometimes located on another domain, like eg. according to the device on which the website was opened. Many websites still use this second method.

    That is a rough explanation, but it should help you understand why the website that you've added as a web panel is showing you the "mobile" version even if you click "Show Desktop Version". It's because it adapts to the viewport's area rather than the User Agent string. The only way to switch it to the "desktop" version would be to give it enough space (more width)... 😉


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