Downloads Panel bug (scrolling in website scrolls in panel)

  • When you have a list of downloaded files in the Download panel and you have a webpage that can be interacted with the arrow keys. The arrow keys can affect both the Downloads panel and the web page at the same time.

    For example download 3-4 items.
    Open the Downloads panel.
    Open a page that is large enough that it requires scrolling.
    Click on an item in the Downloads panel.
    Use the arrow keys to move from downloaded item, this works as expected.
    Click on the webpage and used arrow keys to scroll up and down, this controls bother the webpage and the Downloads panel at the same time and is not working as expected.

  • Moderator

    Not reproducible for me with 1.7.735.46 Stable 32bit Windows 10x64.

  • Moderator

    @Shypaperbag I can't reproduce it either. Perhaps it happens only on certain websites? I tried a couple and it didn't happen here. 🤔

  • I am also on 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) but Windows 7x64.

    Here is a video of it occuring, sorry about the shoddy video quality and linking to YouTube.


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