Suggestion: Change "show/hide panel" position according to panel position

  • Hi guys.

    After using the browser for a couple hours I found that having to click the toggle button on the left side of the status bar in order to do something with the panel that's set to be in the right side of the screen is pretty frustrating.

    It'd be great to have the button right below the place where the panel will show, in this case on the right side of the status bar.

  • @patoezequiel This was one of the first bugs that I reported back in July 2015.

    (VB-8055) Icon to Show/Hide Panel on Wrong Side

    Bug numbers are now probably over 26,000 so you may understand why some bugs don't get fixed quickly while others do. Just use the shortcuts to show/hide the panels.

  • @patoezequiel
    The request to move the toggle is OK.

    But, why not;

    • Tick "Show Panel Toggle". This toggle type will always follow panel position. Of course, it use a fraction of screen estate.
    • Use F4 (default) to hide/unhide panel bar.

    Personally, I never show Status Bar (only info overlay). So, I never see that bottom left panel toggle.

  • @dLeon I completely missed that shortcut. Thank you!

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