1Password doesn't auto-submit

  • Hello,

    There seems to be a problem with Vivaldi and 1Password as filling in login details from the 1Password button in Vivaldi prevents the form from being submitted and logging in.

    This was reported on the 1Password forum and the developers have said it's to do with the focus shifting away from the webspage so the 1Password extension is unable to fill in the login information.

    Would you be able to resolve this issue? I've also posted on the 1Password forum as i'm not sure who needs to change what to resolve this issue.

    1Password forum thread discussing this issue


  • A 1Password dev has responded on the their forums stating this is something they have to look at from their end.


  • Good to know - thanks for caring

  • Hello,

    I've received a further update from a 1Password dev and actually it does still appear that there's a problem with Vivaldi which is preventing 1Password from submitting the login form when the user clicks the 1Password button.

    This is what the dev said.

    "Clicking on the 1Password extension icon in Vivaldi will take the focus away from the form's fields, preventing us from sending in the enter key. Thus, this is still an issue with Vivaldi on both Windows and macOS platforms."

    Could a Vivaldi dev take a look at this please?

    The 1Password dev/support team are the best around and are very responsive and helpful so I'm sure they'd be able to assist if required.

    Would be great to see the best browser working with the best password manager without this issue.


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    @reck You could report this yourself, or even better - ask the 1Password developers to send a detailed bug report here. Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi @reck,

    Just to let you know I have filed a report as pafflick suggested and that while clicking the 1Password Browser Extension button will cause the loss of focus that you describe, if you use the keyboard shortcut to interact with the 1Password helper you should find it bypasses the issue for now. I use the keyboard shortcut so much I'd forgotten I'd ever experienced this until I was recently asked.

    This page, https://support.1password.com/keyboard-shortcuts/ details a number of the keyboard shortcuts available. Grab us in our 1Password forums if that doesn't help.

  • @pafflick Hi, sorry I thought I was reporting it by posting here, but maybe the devs don't look at the forums? Anyway it looks like Little Bobby has reported this issue so hopefully Vivaldi can fix it.


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    @reck I'm not sure whether they read each and every thread on the forums, but I'm sure they read every bug report sent via the Bug Tracker. That's the official way of reporting bugs.

  • @reck said in 1Password doesn't auto-submit:

    sorry I thought I was reporting it by posting here, but maybe the devs don't look at the forums?

    You actually did it the correct way 😄

    Create / find a thread with your problem.
    Other users can test and suggest ways which may solve it.
    If no solution, then (one of the users WITH the problem should) create a bug report - in case Vivaldi devs need more in depth information.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We try to cover as much as humanly possible, but reporting issues to https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/?lang=nb_NO is guaranteed to be read by a QA/Dev 🙂 The forum is a great place for help too, as the users here as far as I've seen are always happy to help those who want it 😃

  • Thanks for the information everyone. I've found another problem so I've reported it in the bug tracker this time in the hope it gets fixed.

    Other than a couple of bugs\issues i'm loving the browser. Once bookmark sync becomes a thing i'll be able to move over completely to just using Vivaldi.


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