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  • Started using the browser, and I really like it.
    It's almost perfect but i'm missing some features that are deeply important for me, and they are all have something to do with the bookmarks bar.

    I want the option to edit bookmarks that are inside folders in the Bookmarks bar itself.
    right now, there is no option (right click) that would allow me to edit, remove or change the order of websites that are inside sub-folders on the bookmarks bar.

    Second thing, I would like to change the color of the folders icon itself, the folders right now have transparent style, having the same color of the whole Bookmarks bar. I would like them to be yellow like on chrome.

    I think that, if these issues will be fixed, Vivaldi would become the best browser ever made in my taste. please update that, because I don't like using the the special bookmarks menu every time i want to make some changes.

    Thank you.

  • @ygrno Bar of favorites is not complete, many friends here in the forum talk about this, there will still be many improvements in the bar of favorites.
    About the color of the folders, it change according to the theme color, I think about this there will be no changes.
    I just think, it's not sure! :relaxed:

  • @JuniorSilva30
    Thanks for the reply, it would be cool if they will add the option to change the color of the folders.
    What make this browser so unique and better than other browsers is the option to make it look , work and adjust to the user on the highest level possible.
    So, an option to change the folders icon color seems like a cool thing this browser could have. (and more).

    Looking forward for an update. I usually don't comment on stuff like that, but I liked this browser so much that I felt an incredible urge to like find the developers and tell them in person what missing for it, to become the ultimate browser, and that I can finally replace chrome.

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