Allow tab key for choosing suggestions from address/search bar and quick commands

  • Re: Use Tab key to select url from address bar history drop down

    I just gave Vivaldi another go and this stroke me immediately as missing. It is one of the basic things that I came to expect from a browser or any application where I can choose from a list. The arrow keys are just not really conveniently located... On top of that I disabled the search bar (I am using the shortcut from the address bar) and have the Focus Input setting activated so tab doesn't do anything anyway. It should be Tab for choosing the next element and Shift+Tab for choosing the previous element.

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    It should be configurable at least. Using [TAB] key to cycle through the drop-down list elements is counter-intuitive. At least that's how it's always been on Windows. [TAB] key always focused various UI elements whereas the arrow keys (up and down) were always used to change the focus of the drop-down list elements.

    Nevertheless, you can post your request for such feature here. You can also take a look at requests made by other people and vote for them if you'd like to see those features in future releases of Vivaldi.

    EDIT: I've just noticed, that you already did. 🙂

  • @pafflick I would not say counter intuitive, but it should definitely be configurable to not break functionality for users who like the current behaviour.


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