Webpage doesn't show graphics only words

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    This happens a lot and the only way of getting the graphics is to click reload then the page is normal. May have to leave Vivaldi if keeps happening; Help!


  • You use a lot of extensions, adblock plus included. Try disabling all of them and see if the problem still occours. If it doesn't, enable one extension at a time and find which one is causing the problem.

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    @jatkowski: So far, on every piece of hardware and every OS I own, Vivaldi does not do this. Chances are Vivaldi+(some extension) does it.

    It has been demonstrated that disabling extensions sometimes does not get their fingers out of the pie. To test this, if disabling extensions does not clear the problem for you, you can try to refresh your profile. If that fixes it, you may try re-adding extensions one at a time until you find the one that breaks it again.


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