Extensions fighting each other?

  • First off, I'm ecstatic to report that this is the first version of Vivaldi (1.7.735.46) that I've been able to run without it crashing, since I first tried it out back when I first read about it on Ars. I'm able to browse and everything! 😄

    My problems before always revolved around extensions, and this go-round I was very careful to load extensions one by one, watching for functionality issues. I've also been careful not to allow redundancy in the options of each extension (I'm privacy oriented, and some extensions offer the same protections as several others), which seemed to cause browsing not to work before. Everything seems to be fine, save for this morning when I checked the extensions page and there's this warning box under ScriptSafe:
    alt text

    I don't have the foggiest idea how to whitelist extensions from each other, if that's even possible, or how I would begin to go about trying to fix this error. I always thought uBlock "blocked" things, not redirected them, but again, I'm certainly not an expert in this department. There was never any noticeable problem otherwise, and would never have seen any issue had it not been listed there on the Extensions page.

    I understand that I should maybe be posting this under uBlock or ScriptSafe's forums, but thought I might give Vivaldi's forums a try first to see if anyone else has run into this. This is my first foray into a Chrome-based browser, and realize that it handles extensions far differently than FireFox does, which is currently my primary browser. I love Vivaldi so far though, so that might be changing directly!

    Anyway, any tips or direction would be most helpful, and big thanks to all you developers/helpers for all your fantastic work! Vivaldi ROCKS!! 👍

  • On github there is an answer to that exact problem from one of the ScriptSafe guys (I assume)
    Sadly it doesn't solve the problem


  • Wow, that's exactly it too... interesting. Thanks so much for that link, it's helpful to see a somewhat clearer explanation of it at least from the OP there.

    So like he said, this is more of an annoyance and not a functionality issue, thank goodness. I'll just keep an eye on it.

    Much appreciated!

  • @mizhop
    A wild shot. Because I only test install ScriptSafe. And I don't know how to trigger the error you got there.

    Try this;
    On ScriptSafe Whitelist add uBlock0 extension ID

    While on uBlock0 Whitlist do the other way around ScriptSafe ID;
    Might be not necessary, because uBlock0 already default to white list extension scheme.

  • I added those whitelist strings under each extension, dLeon (I even put it under the "My Filters" tab in uBlock), restarted the browser, cleared settings and the error isn't there at this time, so I'm hopeful! Thank you so much for your advice! If it does return or I learn something new about it, I'll be sure to dredge this thread back up then.

    Thanks again you guys!

  • Well, after doing a little surfing, the error has returned, though again, there's no evident browser functionality failure; just the warning of the error on the Extensions page.

    Thanks anyway for the good idea, @dLeon , it was certainly worth the effort.

  • @mizhop -- Hiya. I have no solution or even workaround for you, but just thought i'd "reassure" you that your experience here is not unique. Since forever / a very long time, in my V SS's & Stables [ie, across multiple version updates], a couple of my extensions routinely also fight with each other. Currently it's Avast Online Security vs uBlock Origin, but other times Ghostery gets annoyed as well. So far, i've not noticed any actual failure of them to continue working... but then again, i suppose they could be complete lemons & i might not be able to observe how badly they're letting me down / selling me out...
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.

  • @mizhop
    Yeah, from that github report https://github.com/andryou/scriptsafe/issues/11, it seem both extensions do same thing but just different way. I also sense no real danger.


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