Is there a notification for new reactions to my post anywhere?

  • I never saw it and could not find it.
    I was able to trace my own post in the "Search" function however, but this is not very convenient.
    Or am I missing something?

  • Moderator

    @Dietrich: In your profile settings, you can subscribe to threads you have originated, and/or threads you have replied to. In addition, the notification bell at the top of the forum page (over toward the right) has a list of upvotes and replies to your posts. I think if you subscribe, you get an email for each reply.

    Edit: The setting is to Watch posts you originate or reply to. And that generates notifications (the bell), not emails.

  • I posted two messages in the Vivaldi for Linux forum about issues installing it on Fedora. It has had numerous views, but no replies.

    Was that the proper forum to report the problem??

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    @edwardp: That was the correct place to post your issue. If you had no replies, it would be because no one who read your comment felt like they had an answer for you. The forum is just other users for the most part, and to get a response, someone who read it would have to feel they had something meaningful to tell you. NOW - there was another comment just today, that someone could not start the browser after update on Linux (not Fedora). That generated a long discussion and an eventual solution. I don't know if anyone involved in that discussion would have help for you, but you can post there and see if anyone has a reply.

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