Why I will stick with the Vivaldi web-browser

  • I have used most of the well known browsers, so I know what I like and what I don't like.
    I am not a "browser technical savvy person", but I do know what feels good and what doesn't.
    There is nothing wrong with Chrome, Firefox or Opera as far as I'm concerned but they are a bit boring, so I was looking for something different.
    There are other new browsers like Cliqz and Brave, which are very secure, but some of them lack some features like Extensions.
    Maxthon is Chinese and although reasonably fast I don't think it is anything special.
    Comodo Dragon is OK, but again, nothing to write home about.
    Vivaldi is a breeze of fresh air and you can make it as safe as you want by choosing the right Extensions.
    It looks great, is well customize-able and most of all: it is really fast!
    You can check out the loading times of websites and compare various browsers yourself by using this software:


    Just create a free account and see for yourself.
    Vivaldi beats Google Chrome any time as far as loading times is concerned.
    So these are the main reasons why I will stick with Vivaldi. And it can only get better!

  • Looks like an ad for gtmetrix!

  • http://www.speed-battle.com/ might be a better place to test your browser speed (instead of webpage speed).

  • @danielson

    I have tried it and is also a nice tool. Both can be very useful.

    So I compared Vivaldi to Chrome on the Google webpage.

    Vivaldi Fully Loaded Time around 1.0 s (the avarage of a few tests with GTmetrix)
    Chrome Fully loaded time around 1.6s (the avarage of a few tests with GTmetrix)

    Overall Score with Browser Speed Test: between 1300 and 1400 (the score varies a somewhat, so it's hard to give a definite answer, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the two browsers in this test)

    I also tested the Fully Loaded Time for both browsers on the Google webpage manually with the stopwatch on my phone:
    Same result - Vivaldi loads faster.

  • Interesting!

    Although this isn't for internet speed test, this site is good to check for various aspects of the browser: http://html6test.com/

    Unfortunately, it doesn't offer more recent browser versions to compare with.

  • @danielson

    Thanks a lot. This makes my day!
    A score of 526 out of 555 points sounds good.
    That is 9.5 out of 10.0_1487594799248_My Browser Scores.jpg

    What is your score?

  • @Dietrich
    On html6test.com
    For quality, all Chromium based browser will score relatively same.
    What will different most is in what OS the browser run and how the browser maker build it. Chromium has a slight different features or not at all on different OS.

    On Linux for example, Vivaldi by default doesn't come with proprietary media like h.264 & mp3(?) . So the score might be lower.

    Mine on Linux Vivaldi also 526 btw. And Chromium from Debian repo hit same points.

    Basically the test on that site confirm that Vivaldi devs didn't play with Chromium internals severely.

  • @Dietrich

    Interesting to see the different scores. Looks like Chromium browser are the one the beat.

    Due to different testing I got four different browsers installed. On my day-to-day work I will stay with Vivaldi. It takes time to change your default browser, the short-cuts, the look and feel, stays with you.

  • I am doing a GTmetrix Fully Loaded Time test in Vivaldi for 5 well known websites.
    I am doing the same for a different new-, fast and safe web-browser.
    The outcome is put in an Excel sheet and will be tested over a period of 1 month and measured at different times during the day.
    After one month I will know the average of each website in Vivaldi and the other browser.
    This testing method is more time-consuming than just comparing 2 browsers with one mouse-click, but much more reliable.


  • I would be surprised to see any noticeable differences in page loading times between different browsers based on chrome.
    Unless there are perceptible differences I don't really care about page load times.


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